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A Variety of Leather Jewelry Boxes

For a quality gift of personal luxury, leather jewelry boxes offer beauty and style for every taste.  Made from the finest quality leather, each box is designed to hold small jewelry pieces or larger treasures from your past and every other part of your life.  A leather jewelry box will last for many years because of the durability and excellent workmanship. If you want the leather look, without real leather, a faux leather jewelry box has the same beauty.

There are different sizes and shapes available for everyone and their personal décor taste. Choose from a standard square box with a lid, two removable levels to hold jewelry pieces and small drawers for rings or earrings. Each compartment is lined with a soft fiber to protect your pieces from nicks or scratches and preserve the value of diamonds, rubies and other precious jewels or gem stones. You can also find the same types of boxes in the shape of a circle or heart for a loved one to remember a special day in their life.

For the traveler, leather jewelry boxes are available as small as a fold up wallet style. As a tri fold storage case, it unfolds to hold necklaces on the inside and has tiny compartments for rings and earrings or extra change for a last minute purchase. Travel boxes are also available in an old fashion make up case style. Large enough to hold jewelry and a few over night items for every trip, they have an attached handle on top for easy carry and a small lock to protect your privacy while away from your room.

Choose from several of your favorite colors of leather. For an elegant display case, black, brown or light tan blends with any style and always presents an elegant touch to any home. For travel, try a more fun color like red, purple or soft white. The bright color makes it easy to identify from other luggage or you can carry it as a fashion statement at events. The leather can be dyed different colors, so just about every color you need to match to a style or décor is available for purchase.

The price range can vary as low as $15.00 up to as high as $200.00 plus for a good leather jewelry box. You can find these fine quality art pieces at your local jewelry store and online at specialty sites for jewelry boxes. Check out the boxes that mix the leather with good wood or glass for added appeal. One is never enough, so choose a few for style, travel and personal fun and start your collection of leather jewelry boxes and cases.

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Elegance par excellence. Hand-crafted of the finest sleekest black leather, innovative in design, delicious tone, this jewelry box features convenient compartments, unique fold out panel design for hanging necklaces and bracelets, adorable mini travel case, gleaming gold-plated clasps, and large capacity to hold even the largest jewelry collections, Showcase your collection in glamour and style in this timeless jewelry case.
This large beautiful leather jewelry box features 4 separate sections (see picture). It can be easily closed with a snap (see picture) and secured with a lock. It also features 24k gold-plated lock and clasps, lined in espresso silsuede and finished in oiled leather and durable synthahide. It measures 10.25inchx8.5inchx7.5inch.
This classic Genuine Leather jewelry case or tote comes in a gorgeous coco brown textured Italian leather which is adorned with gold plated hardware. This Tech Swiss handcrafted case with multiple tray design will securely hold your most valuable pieces. With its brass lock and matching key, you can rest assure that all your valuables are safe. The top tier of this tote features space for rings, earrings, cufflinks as well as other small jewelry items. This unique design gives each jewelry item an organized and convenient place to be stored. The top drawer pulls out for bracelets or necklaces as well as other additional jewelry items. The bottom deeper drawer pulls out for larger items and an additional matching compact travel case that fold up for carrying jewelry is also located in this drawer. The travel case can conveniently slip into a purse for everyday use. The jewelry box opens displaying a large rectangular mirror and a pocket for additional items to be placed. The lining of the case features a charming plush cream fabric which adds to the overall detail of the box. Dimension: L 9 1/2″ x W 6 1/4″ x H 6″
0014142 Features: -Jewelry box. -Genuine leather construction. -Carry handle. -Padded, quilted pattern. -Auto tray with eight compartments. -Ring rolls. -Two large watch cushions. -Two covered sections. -Auto drawer. -Overall dimensions: 5.25” H x 14.125” W x 8” D.

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