Air Cleaner Filters are a Breeze

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Dreaming of breathing fresher everyday is possible with the help of this incredible unit we call air purifier, also known as air cleaners. It is a device that is improved by time which addresses several air problems that can bring harm to the people since we are living in uncertainties everyday. Air cleaners are our friendly companion that helps eliminate dusts, pollens, pet dander, odors and many other harmful contaminants in the air. There are companies that offer different product specifications when it comes to purchasing air cleaners but only few proved to stand by its name and the Ionic breeze air purifier is one of it. Let us further probe Sharper Image’s Ionic breeze and possibly point out some factors and benefits which will lead us to purchasing one successful air cleaner.

Before purchasing air cleaners, it is always basic to know the available purifying solutions available in the market. This is important because it will help you determine what contaminants to eliminate as each type of solution delivers varied results. You should note that air cleaners are installed on any HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems. There are four types of purifying solution which include HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, UV lights, ozone generators and ionizers. HEPA filters are known to deliver 99% or better of clean air. It can capture microns as large as 0.3. UV lights on the other hand destroy contaminants and bacteria present in the air by exposing them to Ultraviolet lights. Ozone generators are discovered for its adsorption property which neutralizes foul smells and odors. The last kind is the ionizer which eliminates dust and other contaminants by charging particles. They emit negative ions in the air resulting to positive ions like dusts, pollen, dander and many other contaminants to bond and stick to nearest objects in the house like furniture, walls and floors since it is heavier to float in the air.  Residues can be easily cleaned.  With the mentioned facts, you can now distinguish what are their differences and as soon as you can determine what contaminant you want to eliminate, you can now go to the next stage by choosing what models or units are available in the market offering such.

Each filter is offered by companies separately but there are units that contain two or three purifying solution for better and improved performance. In this case, the breeze air purifier contains HEPA filter and ionizers at the same time to get rid of air contaminants surely and safely. This air cleaner uses charged plate electrostatic system to collect contaminants in the air. It is quiet because there are no available fans inside which contribute to noise level. It has a compact and nice design plus the company is giving freebies to those people who will purchase this air cleaner aside from the 5 year warranty policy. With proper cleaning and maintenance, it can last up to many years of service.

Indeed there are many companies with different technology that offers air cleaners and at some way or the other proved their worth and this ionic breeze is one of them. It can certainly improve the quality of life of your household by providing fresher air everyday.

While searching for air cleaner filters, be sure to stop by often. Air cleaner filters are a necessity for air purifiers.

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