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Apple Computer 2011 Computer Choices

The Apple computer company is not just a manufacturer of award winning personal computers, but over the last decade has become a leading manufacturer of award winning consumer products as well with home run releases in the smart phone, MP3 players and tablet computer categories.

Starting with the Apple iPod, and while other consumer electronics manufacturers were touting megabytes and buttons, Apple released the iPod and stated the benefit of their first MP3 player: 1000 songs in your pocket. The same goes for the iPhone which combines not only an iPod and a phone in your pocket as one device but also introduced the idea of cheap and easy applications for everything from GPS software to travel guides, all in the palm of your hand. The Apple iPad expanded on the success of the iPhone and offers a device that balanced the applications of the iPhone with the size and flexibility of a small netbook resulting with a best selling tablet PC other manufacturers are scrambling to match.

But Apple has not forgotten what has made the PC manufacturer a success in the first place and that’s the Apple Macintosh computer lineup. In 2011, the Mac consists of just five models: two for consumers, two for professionals and one cheaper computer to compete with the lower priced PC manufacturers.

One of the best Apple computers to be released to date is the Apple MacBook Pro. Fresh with an update to the lineup, the MacBook Pro now offers faster processors with Intel i5 and Intel i7 processors, more maximum RAM compatibility and a selection of LCD screen sizes with the best selling notebook being the smallest notebook in a 13 inch format that offers the portability yet power the professional notebook user demands in 2011. The other popular Apple MacBook is the 17 inch MacBook Pro that is a perfect fit for a desktop replacement with more than enough screen real estate for both graphics pros and spreadsheet masters alike.

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