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Are bleaching and teeth whitening the same thing?

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry world. There is a great demand for teeth whitening around the world. People are looking to find different ways to whiten their teeth or bleaching.

The most popular ways to achieve the whiteness of teeth that people desire to have, is by visiting the cosmetic dentist in his dental office. On the other side there are a lot of over the counter teeth whitening products that can be used to make teeth whiter.

Bleaching versus whitening

Referring to bleaching in the world of cosmetic dentistry we talk about the procedure of changing the natural color of the tooth to a brighter one. The products that are used for teeth bleaching are based on strong chemical called carbamide peroxide.

Opposed to bleaching are teeth whitening procedures, which means that the teeth are only cleaned by means of teeth brushing or other agents. Baking soda, tooth paste and other agents are used to whiten teeth. Generally speaking in the world of cosmetic dentistry the terms of bleaching and whitening are different.

As the difference between these two terms exist, people are still using these terms meaning the same thing. Many advertisements which we see don’t pay attention to this difference as well. However when you do your research it is advisable to pay attention to the difference between this two terms.

Whitening teeth and enamel

The surface of the teeth is covered with enamel. This protects the tooth and gives the whiteness of the color. But because of age the enamel cracks down and the yellow discoloration of the teeth begin and this is called dentin. Dentin than gets in the cracks of the damaged enamel and this is the natural process of teeth becoming yellow as we age.

Thankfully there are a lot of teeth bleaching solutions that can help remove the yellowness of teeth. Many from over the counter products can help to bleach the teeth. There are as well great natural teeth whitening ways but they will mostly make teeth whiter if there is not a tough discoloration of teeth.

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