Baked chicken recipes are reliable and easy

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Baked chicken recipes are easy to find in cookbooks and online. Baked poultry is one of the easiest dishes a busy cook can make. Whether slow cooked in the oven plain or rubbed with butter and thyme, roasted chicken makes a delicious entrée without much muss or fuss. Now that organic chickens that have been raised humanely are readily available, you can serve your family a healthy meal with worrying that you are not a Food Network star. Some recipes will explain how to roast a whole chicken while others will detail dishes that feature cut up chicken prepared with special seasonings and sauces.

Your baked chicken recipes will translate well into use in a slow-cooker, a very handy small kitchen appliance. Other gadgets that will help make your kitchen life easier include electric grills, steamers, and rice cookers. The best rice cooker for you depends on the amount of rice you typically serve. A 3-cup cooker will provide the right amount for two people. Many models cooks much more than this and are ideal for larger families and for parties. Watch for rice cookers with automatic timers that let you program them ahead of time. They will cook your rice, then turn off when it is done or hold steady at a slight warm temperature so that your rice is good to go when the rest of your dinner is ready.

Think about how well organized you will be for your next dinner party or family meal when you  use easy to prepare backed chicken recipes and the best rice cooker for your needs. You can prepare the foods ahead of time, putting the chicken and seasonings in the baking dish and refrigerating it the night before. In the morning start your rice cooking and by evening, you will be ready to serve a delicious dinner.

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Would you roast 40 chickens to find a simple, foolproof method that results in perfectly cooked meat and beautifully browned skin every time? We did. Here are 300 exhaustively tested recipes for America’s favorite main course.Chicken is the go-to main course for most Americans, but the same old recipes featuring bland, dry chicken are all too often the norm – resulting in a collective sigh around the dinner table. The Best Chicken Recipes offers 300 foolproof ideas for cooking chicken right – and making dinner interesting again. Whether you’re looking for a never-fail recipe for Simple Roast Chicken, classics with a modern twist (Chicken Salad with Fennel, Lemon, and Parmesan or Braised Chicken with Leeks and Saffron), or something entirely new to incorporate into your repertoire (Chicken Tagine or Firecracker Chicken, anyone?), you’ll find it all here. In addition, we offer recipes to fit just about any season, occasion, and lifestyle, all divided into easy-to-navigate chapters for easy reference. Our information-packed primer shows you how to take the guesswork out of knowing when a chicken is done and provides tips for boosting flavor, as well as detailed instructions for basic butchering and carving techniques. Whether you’re entertaining a group or cooking for two, are health conscious or time-crunched – we’ve got you covered. With this book in your kitchen, no one will ever be late to dinner again.

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