BBQ Smoker: Buy One Or Make Your Own?

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Using bbq smokers is a guarantee of great-tasting food cooked outdoors in the summer months. There are a host of models in all sorts of specifications to choose from as any bbq smoker reviews will tell you. But what about making your own? This might seem like a big DIY project, but for some it makes sense to get some plans and do it rather than buying.

There are a lot of low-tech solutions to making a smoker. People have produced great results with everything from metal drums to plant pots! So just how difficult is it? The answer is that is depends. If you are looking to make a horizontal model with all the bells and whistles, you are going to need to have a bit of DIY experience, as well as some equipment. A minimum for this sort of project is a welder as well as a fairly heavy duty drill with a variety of drill bits for cutting the various parts. A metal cutting saw is also important.

You can make a much simpler model that will still work very well though. What about a vertical smoker made from an old metal drum? Heat with charcoal and fix a grill across near the top and the job is done.

Many people will still prefer to buy a smoker rather than make their own ugly drum smoker. This can also be a good choice. There are some excellent manufacturers who can offer products that will fit in with your budget. Buying means you can choose everything from heat source to drum size. You can also find models with all the convenient extras like automatic feeding or temperature control to make life as easy as possible.

Whether you choose to buy or make, you are sure to enjoy the results. If you want the satisfaction of eating something cooked on something you made yourself, it could be time to dust off those DIY skills. If you are looking for bbq smokers but really want convenience, it makes sense to look to buy.

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