Best Practices for Website Social Media Integration

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If you run a blog or any type of website, chances are you are aware of the increasing number of sites that are now featuring social networking buttons. You may even have your own. When it comes to these social media in websites, there are many resources for site owners. Facebook has the Like button and Twitter has their Tweet button. Even Google now has a 1 button. It is really very important to use social media on your website, but it is also important to keep in mind that website readers are fairly easy to distract. You may not want to risk a sale just to get a Tweet. There are literally hundreds of ways to bring your website into the social age. You need to remember the following ideas when you develop your own website:

Have excellent placement – think outside the box.

You can use social networking on your web site to see how well received your products and services are in a social setting. Consider the content and services that might be the most well liked within a social environment and place your buttons close to these instead of placing them everywhere on the website. Always be testing. Once you discover that something is working, try to duplicate the placement throughout your whole web site.

Twitter is perfect for adding to your web content.

If you Tweet frequently enough, include your twitter feed someplace subtly into your site – possibly in a sidebar rather than using an entire web page. A good example is to have some of the most recent tweets in your sidebar. This can add a little bit of fresh content for the search engines like google to crawl all while letting your web site visitors know that you maintain a very good online presence.

The appearance and feel of the social media should match your website.

Every development platform has a ton of single-click install tools that allow you to display social media on your site. The problem with a lot of these is they rarely ever match your design, and often look horrible. If you are going to add social media – especially if you are including a lot – make sure to have a web designer make it look and feel similar to your existing design.

Be sure your social media display is customized.

Being able to customize is perfect in situations where individuals use several twitter or facebook profiles and need the posts to all be included. This is perfect for you if you are using your Facebook or Twitter accounts for both personal and professional. It’s possible to make it so your profile feeds on the website just have updates that include particular hashtags from Twitter or Facebook. You might need to hire a web hosting company or web designer in order to complete the customizations you need.

Stick to the above ideas and you’ll be on your way to an incredible looking social media integration. Remember to make things fit with your existing web design, test often to determine the things that work best, and be sure it does not distract your visitors. Take your traffic to a higher level by social-proofing your web site.

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