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Can diabetic socks help me?

For those suffering with the disease known as diabetes, there are certain serious health issues that affect them, that those who do not suffer with the disease would never dream of having to deal with. One of the more serious side effects of diabetics have to deal with is amputation of the feet. This is something that you would I would never dream about having to live with. The reason why amputation is so real and the world of diabetics, is the fact that they develop very poor blood circulation over time, which can lead to nerve damage in the feet and eventually to severe and serious infection. A great way for diabetics to lessen the chances of the development of this particular health issue is through the use of diabetic socks. These medical socks have become more more popular among those suffering from the disease in the last few years.

Aside from increasing circulatory help there are many other health benefits that can be gained from the use of a diabetic sock. For example the socks are made to help avoid friction. Without friction there’s a far less chance of developing an abrasion or sore. If you can avoid these particular types of health problems, you’ll be far less likely to develop an infection. These infections are the main causes of amputation and diabetics. If you can steer clear of abrasions and infections you’ll have very little chance of developing a health problem that could lead to the loss of your limb. As you can clearly see, the benefits of using diabetic socks are very great.

Though the decision to where diabetics socks is up to you, there are so many benefits to their prolonged use that it would be hard to find a reason not to purchase them. This is specially true when you consider the fact that diabetics socks are only about twenty percent more expensive than any other pair of regular socks or stockings.

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Diastar Comfy Feet Socks are the perfect socks for person with diabetes as they are lightweight with no binding or sagging yet have minimal compression to promote good circulation.
Diabetic socks, ultra light is durable and approved for individuals with circulartory problems, diabetes, edema, and neuropathy. It is very soft, made of 85 percent cotton and 15 percent of nylon. It stretches up to 20 inches wide and the elestic-free loose top helps in better blood circulation.
12 Pairs Crew Style for MEN, absolutely Factory Fresh, Brand new – Made in the USA, exactly as pictured, sock Size 13-15 *typically fits men with shoe size 12 – 13. For best fit, simply order the sock size that you buy in the store. *ORDER the sock size that you usually buy in the store. Then these socks will fit him well.
Socks are normal Crew length socks(not over the calf, nor ankle socks)
^To see other sizes, please click on FACTORY DIRECT above.
An ideal fit for larger, swollen feet and legs, FootSmart extra-wide diabetic socks are engineered specially for individuals whose legs and feet require more room, ideal for those with diabetes or edema. If your lower calf has a circumference of 11″ to 23″, you’ll find this super-stretchy, extra roomy sock to be a great fit, without any binding or sagging. Compare this stretch to other diabetic socks and you’ll see the difference. Soft terry cloth lining on inside of sock pads the foot.
Constructed almost identically to the National brand product, 8-15 diabetic sock, designed for moderate compression and sensitive feet, our new Ames Walker Easy Walker Plus provides a comfortable sock with mild compression. This sock is ideal for the diabetic or those with sensitive feet or someone who is looking for a walking sock with moderate compression. New and only at Ames Walker. This product carries our 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Features: 8-15 graduated support for improved venous blood flow in the legs. Soft padded sole for added foot protection. Superb moisture wicking fibers keep feet dry all day. Flat, non binding toe seam design, for added comfort, non-bunching contour fit. 80% Acrylic, 12% Dupont Lycra Spandex, 8% Nylon. Comes in crew and over-calf length. Excellent value price compared to the national brand. Unisex size is based on your shoe size: Men: X-small 3.5-5.5, Small 6-8, Medium 8.5-10, Large 10.5-12, X-Large 12.5-14. Women: X-small 4.5-6.5, Small 7-9, Medium 9.5-11, Large 11.5-13. White, Black, Navy, Brown, Khaki.
Product Details: * Non-irritating, Smooth Toe Seam: Flat, soft, low-profile toe seam reduces pressure and irritation on toes * Extra Padding in the Foot, Heel, Toe: Reduces friciton and provides extra comfort and protection * Acrylic Multi-Fiber Yarns: Wick away moisture to keep feet comfortable and dry * Antibacterial, Antifungal Finish: Inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi on the sock to help prevent odor * Non-Constricting, Mild Compression: Helps keep the sock in place to prevent sliding and bunching This product is Latex free Mild Compression Level (8-15mmHg) Indication Guide: * Those suffering from tired, aching legs * Minor ankle, leg, and foot swelling * Those using support hosiery for the first time Fiber Content: 80% Acrylic, 17% Nylon, 3% Spandex Care Instructions: Machine washable in warm water. Do not bleach. Tumble dry at low temperature.

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