Capture Amazing Pictures On Your Next Vacation With The Canon G12

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Of all the digital SLR cameras that are on the market today, Canon’s “G” series is widely regarded as being some of the best available.  It almost seems as if these cameras continue to get better and better with each new model that comes out.  The company’s latest, the G12, is no exception.  This dynamic camera has some exciting new features including the ability to capture high definition video and the ability to take sharp close up shots.

Another feature the G12 has that was not present in the G11 is a lens filter adapter.  Most photographers will instantly realize why this is a big deal.  The lens filter adapter permits the user to take filtered images throughout the entire range of a zoom lens or with any other Canon lenses.  This wasn’t possible before.

Unlike its predecessor and other brands, the Canon G12 is now able to take pictures in settings where it would be considered too dark for other cameras.  This is because the G12 has an automated “high sensitivity” feature that automatically brightens dark images.

Taking pictures of objects that are in motion is something that a lot of photographers don’t enjoy doing.  This is because it takes a little preparation on the front end for the image to come out looking just right.  If everything isn’t dialed in correctly, the resulting image could end up looking blurry and unusable.  The Canon G12 can rescue many of those images since it now comes with an optical image stabilizer that automatically corrects for motion.  This is ideal for taking pictures of wildlife or anything else that likes to move around a lot.

The Canon G12 is packed with so many great features and is so easy to use that it can easily make someone who is new to photography look like a pro in no time at all.

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