Cats and The Moving Process

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If you’re contemplating a move and neither wish to abandon your cat nor cope with its uniquely feline ways of expressing worry and anger, following these handful of easy recommendations should help kitty transition calmly.

Strategy ahead! Think about the best and safest spot for the cat to be when the movers arrive. Your feline friend will most likely want the comfort of being quarantined in a space containing food, water, and familiar objects like toys along with a scratching post. A cat carrier can be placed within the room using the door open; a cat’s all-natural curiosity will draw it inside to discover and assist it adjust to the idea of the carrier while helping you stay away from the struggle of getting to force it inside later. Don’t forget to hang a sign on the door from the space kitty is in and make sure to give the movers a heads up to make sure that they’re able to stay away from letting the cat out and adding towards the chaos from the day. Some moving organizations could have much more awareness and sensitivity than others when it comes to helping folks with pets transition, so be certain to complete some investigation just before picking an organization.

Think consistency! Cats, non unlike many humans, crave one thing they can count on when life is suddenly turned upside down leaving them bereft from the familiar surroundings which have helped them navigate their globe. So, to help your kitty cope with the worry and confusion that come with sudden adjust, try to offer as much consistency in routine as possible. For instance, supply food, playtime and cuddles at normal occasions. If you are unable to keep some consistency be conscious that cats might resort to communicating their feelings and needs by regressing or becoming aggressive. In the event you see these signs of discontent inside your cat, a bit extra attention might give enough of a feeling of security that it is going to no longer really feel the need to act out its frustration.

Moving shouldn’t mean you have to give up the feline member of the loved ones, especially if you can get help from long distance moving companies. Sticking to these easy tips must help reduce the level of tension and stress-related behavior your cat experiences and let you to keep your feline friend as you make your approach to your new home. Happy moving!

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