Chiropractors and Insurance

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Those that are thinking about going to a chiropractor are often concerned about the insurance issue. It is a common belief that the chiropractor will not be accepted by your insurance plan as a doctor to consider going to. However, that is only true in a few cases. There is insurance plans that are going to allow the person to see a chiropractor. But, there are stipulations in place that the person must be aware of, if not, then they will find that the insurance may not cover the costs of going to a chiropractor.

In most cases, the person will find that the insurance company will require that the person goes to a regular doctor before they decide to go to a chiropractor. The reason for this is that they believe that the doctor can fix the problem – anything from car accidents to other back problems. The person may find that they have to go to the doctor many times before they are finally given clearance to see a chiropractor. And many times the doctor will have to give a referral in order to do this. However, though many people expect that they will have problems with the person referring them to the chiropractor, they will find that more and more doctors are realizing that in some cases, the patient would be better off to see one of these types of doctors, and often look at them as a specialist. The person should realize that they will have to make sure that they are making their desires to see a chiropractor clear from the beginning in order to make this process last less time than it could last.

Once you are approved by the doctor to go to the chiropractor, you will find that in order to get your insurance company to pay that you will more than likely have to go with the doctor that they recommend to go to, which may or may not be the one that you wanted to see. You can fight with the insurance company on this, but more than likely you will have to pay more out of your own pocket to go to whoever you want. There is nothing wrong with trying who the insurance agency wants you to go to and if they are not someone that you can get along with, then you can always ask for another name since they cannot force you to go to this person unless you want to. Overall, if you want to go to a chiropractor in Charlotte, do not let the paperwork slow you down from doing this.

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    That’s a really interesting article. I know that navigating what is and isn’t covered from insurance can be daunting, but it’s sooooo important to find a good chiropractor. Here in Washington there are a ton of Seattle chiropractors and Seattle massage therapists. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Seattle Chiropractic office, Belltown Spine and Wellness. They’ve been able to answer a lot of my questions about insurance and other things to really take the anxiety out of the equation.

    on December 1, 2011 at 3:55 pm