Choose Your Own Eye Color By Using Colored Contact Lenses

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Some people just aren’t happy with how they look. They get their teeth whitened to have a brighter smile, they get their nose pierced to “express themselves” and plastic surgery is becoming more and more commonplace, even among young adults in high school. Until recently, there was nothing you could do about your eye color.  If you had blue eyes but really wanted brown eyes, you were out of luck!  But now, thanks to the many brands of colored contact lenses you can choose your own eye color!

Colored contact lenses have been around for quite a few years, but really haven’t hit the mainstream until recently. The increase in popularity may be in some part due to the success of online shopping. Things like yellow contact lenses used to be hard to find, especially if you lived in a small town with only a few general stores. But with the explosion of internet shopping, you can get colored contacts of any style while sitting at home in front of your computer (even while wearing your pajamas).

With the hundreds of colors and styles available today, you really do have the freedom to choose your own eye color. You can get a plain, one color pair of contacts to make your eyes appear blue or green or even brown or hazel colored.

It’s funny that with all the different colors and styles available that hazel contacts are among the most popular. You would think that it would be something like blue contacts (since blue eyes are considered very attractive) or even red contact lenses for people dressing up like a vampire for Halloween.

It’s great to be alive in a time when you can easily buy things like colored contact lenses from the comfort of your own home. Most internet sites offer free or discounted shipping too, so the cost is not any more than you would find at a local store (if you had a local store that sold colored lenses).

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