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Choosing the Best Diabetic Socks for Proper Foot Care

Caring for the feet is one of the most important aspects in maintaining a healthy life for those who live with diabetes. While most people associate this disease with low blood sugar, there are other complications that can arise that are equally as dangerous such as infection, nerve damage and poor circulation. Diabetic sock are one of the best foot care products available, and can reduce the risk of wound formation, fungal and bacterial infections, calluses, foot ulcers and other associated problems.

The best diabetic socks not only protect the foot from injury, but have properties that reduce the risk of infection. One of the most important design aspects of this foot care product is the thickness, which is greater than the average sock. This is important because a diabetic is more likely step on a sharp object and cut or puncture the foot without being noticed due to decreased nerve sensitivity. Another important aspect in the diabetic sock design is its ability to wick moisture away from the foot and prevent excess sweat from the shoe from ever reaching the skin surface. This way the risk of infection is lowered in case the foot is accidentally injured, even if it is not immediately noticed.

Another essential aspect that these socks offer in terms of proper foot care are the number of options that are available. Built in gel heel insoles and seamless diabetic socks were created for those who suffer with decreased circulation which is associated with chronic foot pain. And this product looks exactly like the average sock brands – so no one will ever know that your medical condition is causing you discomfort.

While they are slightly more expensive, diabetic socks can offer a level of foot care that is easily surpassed by the traditional product. In addition to being more comfortable, they increase the level of protection to prevent accidental cuts and wound formation. And their ability to wick away moisture and keep feet dry significantly reduces the risk of infection. So if you are looking for a new foot care product and have sensitivity as the result of diabetes, this could be the best solution for you.

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Diastar Comfy Feet Socks are the perfect socks for person with diabetes as they are lightweight with no binding or sagging yet have minimal compression to promote good circulation.
Includes 3 Pair Mens Black Ribbed Diabetic Socks by Sugar Free Sox. The Health and Comfort black socks stretch further than a regular sock with a non-binding top, promoting circulation and keeping you comfortable. Avoiding the sock ring imprints on legs helps toward the prevention of blood clots and varicose veins. Those who start wearing non-binding socks when they are young will benefit from it when they are older. A great diabetic sock, travel sock, dress sock or casual sock, and those with diabetes, sensitive feet, circulatory problems, swollen or wide feet and legs will enjoy the super comfort and style of our Sugar Free Sox. Fits shoe sizes 7-12, Mid-calf length
Diabetic Socks, Ultra Light is a perfect balanced Diabetic Sock of loose compression for better blood circulation and just enough compression to stay up on your feet all day long. Its thick heal and sole give you the comfort you need and it is thin enough to fit into your everyday, walking and jogging shoes.
Constructed almost identically to the National brand product, 8-15 diabetic sock, designed for moderate compression and sensitive feet, our new Ames Walker Easy Walker Plus provides a comfortable sock with mild compression. This sock is ideal for the diabetic or those with sensitive feet or someone who is looking for a walking sock with moderate compression. New and only at Ames Walker. This product carries our 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Features: 8-15 graduated support for improved venous blood flow in the legs. Soft padded sole for added foot protection. Superb moisture wicking fibers keep feet dry all day. Flat, non binding toe seam design, for added comfort, non-bunching contour fit. 80% Acrylic, 12% Dupont Lycra Spandex, 8% Nylon. Comes in crew and over-calf length. Excellent value price compared to the national brand. Unisex size is based on your shoe size: Men: X-small 3.5-5.5, Small 6-8, Medium 8.5-10, Large 10.5-12, X-Large 12.5-14. Women: X-small 4.5-6.5, Small 7-9, Medium 9.5-11, Large 11.5-13. White, Black, Navy, Brown, Khaki.
Fabric: 85% Cotton, 15% polyester, 1/2% Elastic.
Tops easily stretch over ankles and bounce back into shape.@Loose fitting tops stretch over ankle for ease of dressing. Tops bounce back for a comfort fit without binding the leg. Allows for better blood circulation, so important for diabetics and people with circulatory problems or neuropathy. Note: For people with such severe edema that shoes are uncomfortable , buyer may find that the next size up might be indicated. (Available in other listings in smaller Sock Size 9-11 and larger Socks Size 13-15) Economical – Keep your loved one supplied with diabetic socks at a low price.
* *For best fit, order the sock size that you usually buy at the store! ^Please click on FACTORY DIRECT above to see other larger sizes and lower cut styles.
Sometimes women with larger shoe sizes and/or pregnant women with lots of edema will order the larger 10-13 or even 13-15 sizes to accomodate progressive edema throught pregnancy.
Click on Factory Direct to also see Quarter cut Diabetic Socks, often preferred by people with leg edema.
These socks come highly recommended by people with neuropathy.

An ideal fit for larger, swollen feet and legs, FootSmart extra-wide diabetic socks are engineered specially for individuals whose legs and feet require more room, ideal for those with diabetes or edema. If your lower calf has a circumference of 11″ to 23″, you’ll find this super-stretchy, extra roomy sock to be a great fit, without any binding or sagging. Compare this stretch to other diabetic socks and you’ll see the difference. Soft terry cloth lining on inside of sock pads the foot.
80% comibed cotton, 18% soft nylon, 2% Elastic, Machine Wash Warm Tumble Dry Low, Do Not Bleach

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