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Computer Running Slow Or Have You Overloaded It?

A computer can be slow for a number of reasons and some of those can actually be outside of the PC itself. Problem such as slow internet or slow printer could make it seem like you have a slow computer issue when you really don’t. But it could be a program that is just too much for your PC.

Find out by checking the computer speed right on your computer. Windows has it all there for you in their Window Experience Index and it is not hard to find. Simply go to the Control Panel and find and click “System”. Here you see the vital information about your PC and you should see a blue number out from the system information and a link for the Experience Index.

Inside the Windows Experience Index are sub-scores and a base score for your computer. The computer that I am looking at right now has a base of 3.4 which is not very good. But the base is the lowest of the scores and that is in the graphics. The Processor speed is 5.1 which is good and so is the data transfer speed at an excellent 5.6.

The higher your score the better your PC is operating. The highest score available is 5.9 for our present computers but Microsoft plans to raise that as capacities increase in new computers and technology. This is used for several things from analyzing performance to choosing programs that are compatible with your computer’s capability.

Microsoft has a system in place to make sure you don’t buy and install software that will not run at its optimum on your system. This base score should be matched to any software. If a program as a rating of 3.5 on its box or download specs and your computer has a base score of 3.0 then the program is too much for your PC.

There may not be anything wrong with the computer but an overly powerful program can slow the processor down. Simply you need to match your computer with the correct software.

If your PC has pretty good Windows Experience Index numbers and yet is running slow, or the Index numbers are lower than they should be, you should run a registry scan.

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