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Cooking Tips for Black Bean Recipes

Many people are working hard to try to eat healthy on a budget.  Because of this, people are looking more toward meatless meals in an effort to reduce both fat and expenses.  Black beans are a very popular choice now for people all over the world.   It is now popular in black bean recipe such as bean salads, bean soup and refried beans.

Even Brazil has their own national dish known as feijoada that uses black beans in this recipe mix with meat stew. This is most loved by Brazilians. In Cuba also, they have a dish known as Moros y Cristianos or Moors and Christian dish that is served traditionally during New Year’s Day and serve as good luck food. It contains black beans and white rice.  Asian countries have their own fermented black bean sauce and widely use among their black bean recipes.

Cooking black beans can be a delightful and nutritious for your health but in order to achieve the desired taste and look of the recipe these cooking tips with black beans should be followed when cooking a home cooked black bean recipe.

  1. Carefully pick and clean the black beans to be sure that it has no stones or twigs that are present.
  2. Fresh beans have moisture and can be cooked less in time while dried beans takes 2 hours and longer.
  3. Overnight soaking of black beans before cooking it will reduce its cooking time.
  4. Avoid adding salt, lemon, vinegar and tomatoes to black beans when they are not done cooking to avoid it to toughen.  If desired, chop cilantro in your herb grinder and add to beans.
  5. During the cooking process, use boiling water than the cold one.

Adding herbs such as epazote and summer savory will greatly reduce its flatulence.

If you are trying to eat healthy on a budget, give black beans a try!

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