Deliciously Unique Barbecue And Grilling Ideas

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Every family has their own barbecue routine when it comes to delicious summer outdoor cooking. There are dishes that make consistent appearances such as burgers, hot dogs, and chicken wings. A barbecue meal would seem incomplete without the least popular favorites. But at the same time, if you don’t strive for a bit of variety things can get predictable over time. Barbecue should be about excitement and thrilling your guests with awesome food that blows them away. If you add an element of surprise then you can ensure that you stay on the top of the heap in the world of home barbecue. Here are some interesting ideas that will add to the uniqueness of your delicious barbecue cooking.

Your Own Sauce – not many people take the time to make their own sauce even though it’s incredibly easy to do. You don’t have to be an expert chef in order to find the ingredients and blend them together over time. In many cases, a good barbecue sauce will take you less than half an hour to make, and once it’s done you can use it however you like. An important part of the process is experimentation so make sure that you adapt your sauce while subtracting or adding flavor as necessary. With a bit of time there’s no stopping you from coming up with your own personal signature sauce that really put a stamp on your food.

Barbecue Pizza – give your family a wonderful treat with a chance to create their own pizza! Rather than ordering takeout, you can fire up the grilling get a smoke infused pizza with a crispy crust. Pizza is incredibly easy to make with pre-prepared dough, and you can load it up with all of your favorite fixings and toppings. Your kids can even help out in the process and a barbecue pizza doesn’t take long to cook at all.

Wraps – the biggest advantage to any barbecue is the ability to transfer grilled flavor to anything. You might want to add another dimension to things like quesadillas, burritos, or wraps by tossing them on the grill to finish off the cooking process. You can also use your barbecue creatively to cook whatever is going inside of your wraps as well. Imagine how delicious a grilled barbecue chicken wrap would be fresh off your barbecue and loaded with a wide array of vegetables.

Whole Roasts – direct grilling gets most of the attention but you have to remember that sometimes even the most basic charcoal grill can be turned into an oven as well. When you’re able to use your barbecue as an oven, it effectively expand your repertoire and gives you so many more options for wonderful food. Whole roasts are something you should explore, and they are incredibly easy to make once you have all the flavor taken care of. All you have to do is check on them every once in a while as they roasts comfortably over your grill for several hours.

Surf and Turf – you love steak, you love seafood, the best place to bring them together is on your barbecue. Most people are comfortable with steak over their BBQ, and you can get some lovely charbroiled results with modern gas grills today. But don’t forget about the world of seafood in the Magic you can create with elements like crab, lobster, and jumbo prawns. There’s no reason to go to a restaurant to get your favorite surf and turf combination when you can put together in your own backyard.

Desert – desserts cooked on your barbecue? Yes it’s possible, and it’s totally delicious if you do it the right way. There are things like French toast, home cooked waffles, and a wide array of fresh fruits that can be brought to perfection over your barbecue. Obviously you want to clean off the remnants of whatever you cook beforehand, but there’s no reason why you can’t top of your meal with a lovely dessert cooked on your grill as well.

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