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Digital Key Safe Boxes For Apartments

Locked Apartment buildings have installed telephone or video intercom system in their buildings for security. This allows you to see through a screen whoever enters the apartment building. But this same protection can sometimes be a hindrance. Example is when you have teenage children who arrive at home at a different time, while parents are still at work, and then each member of the household will need to carry a spare key with them to be able to enter. This could create some risk in security especially if the keys will be lost or misplaced. It is definitely not a good thing to have about two or three spare keys floating in the neighborhood. Changing your lock can be expensive and will cause a lot of inconveniences. This is especially true among the elders who are only able to live from day to day and will suddenly have an emergency and needs assistance. What will happen to them if they can’t open their door right away nor press the button for the intercom to allow emergency access to them? And this is why the small, discrete and secure digital key safe boxes should be used instead.

A home-style key safe is a small box that you can mount on a wall or conceal in whatever means possible. It can hold about 1 to 5 pieces of keys. When it comes to the digital key safe boxes, apartment buildings can only be accessed by those who knew the digital code. There are also combination padlocks that were designed as a regular lock, though there might be a key inside it. For families and elderly people who are living on secured locked apartments, the best key safe to use are the digital safes. It’s because these kinds of keys are mounted right on the outside part of the apartment door and looks similar with a security system that comes with small digital keypads and push button.

Easily store and keep valuables safe at home or office with this digital safe; works with included key or your own customized digital code you program. For added security, we’ve made the hinges concealed so they’re tamper-proof. Plus, we include heavy-duty bolts for attaching permanently to wall, floor or other structure–from INSIDE the safe with no exposed hardware that can be cut or pryed. Our most popular sized safe – small enough to fit anywhere and easily concealed yet provides 1,000 cubic-inches of interior safe-keeping protection. Exterior dimensions over-all: 14″W x 10″D x 10″H, interior usable-space: 13.5″W x 7.5″D x 9.5″H. Shipping weight is 23 pounds, ships UPS.
Worrying about your valuables can be a frustrating experience, so use this safe and worry no more To keep your valuables safe from theft, this 1.2-Cubic Feet safe features a biometric fingerprint lock with backlit advanced electronic keypad and tubular key Plus, it is equipped with six live-locking bolts To store your items, you can use the key rack and compartment, the multi-position tray or the door pocket For added security, the black and gunmetal colored safe can be bolted to the floor (hardware included) Lock Type: Tubular Key; Electronic; Material(s): Armored Steel; Outer Width: N\A; Outer Depth: N\A
A burglary occurs approximately every 15 minutes in the United States and 4.1 million households are burglarized each year. Protect your valuable property from burglars with our secure biometric fingerprint wall vault. 65.8 percent of forced entry burglaries were residential and happened between the hours 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. With Wall Vaults by Secure Logic, you can be assured that your valuables are safe and secure. What thieves cannot find, they cannot see. The Secure Logic Keypad Wall Vault offers all the same features as the Biometric model except that you chose a unique code for entry and must enter that code manually to get in. This wall vault has a hidden secondary compartment that can secure documents, passports, firearm accessories, and more. This vault uses a long-lasting 12-volt rechargeable battery (included) so there are no batteries to replace. Just plug in the charger (included) when the audible alert sounds. The Wall Vault is easy to install. It can be installed between two 16″ on center studs of any wall in your home. Instructions are included. Wall Vaults by Secure Logic are perfect for storing your social security cards, blank checks, cash, a gun, diamonds and other jewelry, extra keys, passwords, important papers an other countless valuables. Each Wall Vault is extensively tested for quality and craftsmanship. Reinforced stainless steel, a revolutionary locking mechanism, and lag-bolted installation make it the most innovative product of its kind on the market today WALL VAULT SPECIFICATIONS: -Wall Vault Includes: Rechargeable battery, battery charger, allen wrench, instructions and template. -Battery: 12V 4.0 amp rechargeable -Battery Charger: 12V AC -Height: 15.5″ Closed – 23.25″ Open -Width: 16.25″ -Depth: 4.5″ -Compartment Dimensions: Height – 8.5″ Width: 13.25″ -Weight: 25 lbs
Know what time your children or others enter your home. Color: Biege. Dimensions: 9″ x 2″ x 1.1125″.
Keep your valuables out of reach with the Digital Electronic Safe Box. It keeps cash, jewelry, guns, documents and other valuables safe. It has heavy duty steel construction and allows key or keyless entry. Electronic keypad uses up to 8 digit secret PIN code.
Surface Mount Push Button Lock Box – White Surface Mount Push Button Lock Box Same features as Portable Push Button Lock Box, but mounts directly to your home! Change the combination as often as you wish. Screws and complete instructions included. You’ll never have a need to make a spare key again! Just a few fascinating ways to use a store a key…. Uncle Dan is visiting, and he’s arriving on the red eye. Dan can let himself in and you can see him in the morning! Your keys fell out of your daypack, 4 miles up the trail. That’s 8 miles round trip! Your brother needs to borrow your car, and you don’t want to leave the keys in an obvious place, like under the seat! You simply don’t like to carry keys. Stop the key bulk and key rattling noise once and for all! Your elderly mother can’t get to the door, open up the Store A Key, and you’re there to help. Available Colors

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