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Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight

Most diets suggest that you drink water and there are a lot of other people out there to tell you that you should. Many articles will go on about drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day or some even more than that. That feels like a lot of water. However, that doesn’t really ease the doubt that hangs there in your mind. Does drinking water help you lose weight?

Drinking water will make you feel fuller. It is true that other beverages have the same response, but most of them have calories as well. However, studies have shown that drinking two glasses of water 20 minutes before each meal will help you to consume fewer calories. Calories have a way of adding up quickly and each time you consume a few less you will have the benefits of this. At the end of the year it might not mean a lot of weight loss without healthier eating habits and exercise, but it can lead to weight loss of small amounts all by itself.

Drinking water will help you to avoid water retention. Water retention can make you feel larger and even look larger than you would be without it. If you drink plenty of water then your body’s balance between water and sodium and you won’t retain water. Water weight is a horrible thing to hold onto and getting rid of it is a great way to go.

Your body needs water to preform a lot of functions. It helps with everything from getting rid of toxins to metabolizing fats. It is important that you have plenty of water for your body to work on getting rid of the fats that it has been hanging onto. You want to make sure that you are getting all the water that your body needs for good health and weight loss.

Does drinking water help you lose weight? The simple answer is yes. There are a lot of different reasons that it works that way, but in any case you need to make sure that you are getting all that your body needs. How much is often debated, but you need at least 64 ounces and in most cases you should have the same number of ounces as 1/2 your body weight in pounds. Adding a bit of water at each step of your day is definitely the way to go.

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