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Exercises To Treat Tennis Elbow And Tendonitis

Tennis Elbow is a condition of inflammation of tendons of the elbow caused by the overuse of muscles in the forearm. The actions of muscles can be classified as concentric and eccentric.

Concentric exercise is when muscles shorten as they contract, as it is on the chin ups where biceps contract and the elbows bend thereby pulling the body up. The muscle motion as an engine to do the desired motion.

Eccentric training exercises contract the muscles as they lengthen. This is when muscles act to stop the motion. For instance, while in a bench press, the shoulder and triceps muscles stop the barbell from coming down all of a sudden; lowering it gradually. Such contractions are used to prevent our joints from being damaged due to sudden jerks by smoothing out the motion. Orthopedists and physical therapists use eccentric exercises to effectively treat tendonitis, namely Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, Patellar tendonitis, and Achilles tendonitis.

For an athlete to get benefit from such therapeutic exercises he must do it in a proper manner as advised by the therapist, else these exercises may prove useless. It could potentially worsen the condition if not done correctly. Some situations such as the Achilles tendonitis are easy and can be treated without an equipment. Tennis elbow needs a special rubber bar for treatment and can be a little tricky to perform.

You should contact your physiotherapist to know the correct ways to treat your ailment. If you have any of the above mentioned ailments and want to completely get fit you should try to get medical attention as soon as possible to prevent the condition from becoming chronic. Tennis elbow in particular can be really difficult to cure if it becomes chronic. If left uncured due to ignorance it may even deter you from working out at all.

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