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Exterior Paint Color Schemes Using Gray

Gray is a very modern color in interior design and you can make it work with exterior color schemes. It’s also something that you see on the exterior of your home without even realizing it. This includes things like rocks, driveways, and sidewalks. Of course you want your home to look elegant. This is a neutral kind of color but it can still be very striking, it just needs to be used very carefully with balanced decorating colors.

When you decide on your trim color you might just want to go with other shades of gray. This is going to create an extremely soothing kind of effect. The big impact is really going to be on the color itself instead of the actual architectural details. This doesn’t have to be the entire exterior of your home. In fact, it’s a great way to neutralize a color that might seem a little bit loud. You can do this with a lot of beautiful stone walkways or walls. This is going to lend a lot of texture to your exterior and be very low maintenance.

This can also really mimic the colors of water. If you look at the ocean you see lots of grays, blues, and greens together. This is an unusual type of color palette so you are going to need to find ways to bring this all together. A great way to do this is just with your planters. Right now, planters that sit next to each other or on top of each other or are just grouped next to each other are popular. This allows you to really mix in solid colors that you can get quite inexpensively and paint them then pair them all together to really give your color palette a solid base.

When you go with exterior paint color schemes that have gray in them then you can really add splashes of color for interest. This is perfect if you’ve always wanted a brighter front door or even a purple accent because it literally matches everything.

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