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Famously Beautiful Yellow Diamonds

Some of the most treasured and captivating diamonds in the world are yellow diamonds.  There are several yellow diamonds that have especially caught the world’s attention over the years.

The most famous yellow diamond in the world is the Tiffany Yellow diamond, and rightly so.  It was mined over 1000 years ago in South Africa.  It weighed in at 287 carats before it was cut!  The very famous jeweler Charles Tiffany just had to have the gorgeous stone, and he had it shaped into a cushion cut diamond, which was a very popular way to cut diamonds at the time.  It had 90 sparkling facets after being cut.

Tiffany’s has owned the diamond ever since and in the early 1960′s began a now long standing tradition of product branding in entertainment venues.  The Tiffany Yellow was used as a “prop” in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.  Audrey Hepburn was photographed wearing the beautiful yellow sparkler and the pictures were used in Tiffany’s ad campaigns.  Only one of two women to ever wear the Tiffany Yellow, Hepburn and the movie caused a sensation among women who instantly wanted a yellow diamond of their own.

The Golden Eye is another very famous yellow diamond, and also comes from Africa.  Its original uncut size was 124 carats, and it remained uncut for many years after being mined.  It was cut recently by the Steinmetz Group, which is a renowned group of stone finishers in New York City.  It is considered to have started the modern diamond industry and is the largest flawless, perfect cut yellow diamond in the world.

Most people can’t afford to buy diamonds like the Golden Eye or the Tiffany Yellow.  Many wonderful, lesser priced yellow diamonds are now on the market though, so if your budget won’t allow that you can always find beautiful yellow crystal jewelry, or even something like a beautiful Pandora bracelet.  Or, if you are in the market for wedding sets, wedding ring sets for bride and groom are  now being designed with yellow diamonds and even yellow cubic zirconia, so everyone can enjoy the look and elegance of a gorgeous yellow diamond.

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