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People who want to work from home to earn extra money sometimes turn to an online business opportunity to achieve their goals. However, with all the ridiculous scams on the Internet, it is necessary to weed out those just wanting to earn a quick buck and the legitimate online business opportunities waiting for your attention.

There are actual sites which can help you make money online and most of them don’t ask you to pay a fee to use them. These sites consider your abilities and use them to make money.

Yahoo! Contributor Network (Associated Content)

Although many wouldn’t consider themselves professional journalists or writers, Yahoo! Contributor Network is one place anyone can join for free. For this particular site there are two keys to making it work. First, write about popular topics and use great keywords when developing an article for submission. Writing around the keyword or using it as your topic is a good way to make sure people will see your article which is how you get paid. Second, you have to post a lot of articles. It is possible to make money from day one after your first post.  They also pay every month regardless of the amount.

Start Blogging For Dollars

Blogs can be profitable if you know what you’re doing. Some blogs are so popular they have surpassed the expected returns of those who started them like BoingBoing, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Engadget and Gizmodo.

Not only are these blogs informative, they are creating quite a money machine for the site owners. Google’s Blogger gives you the ability to start a blog, monetize it and then if you think it’s going to work out, you can change it to a real domain name for even more money making opportunities.

Associate With Other Online Companies

Using other people’s ads posted on your site can earn you great money. Normally, this is called Affiliate Marketing. However, some online users may feel this type of advertising on your site endorses products you don’t like just to fill space, that would be wrong. Many bloggers using this system actually use and endorse the products advertised on their sites. They don’t want to be recommending products they don’t like and lose the reader’s trust.

Buy Hot Items Through The Government

Sites like Bid4Assets are how government agencies get rid of their unwanted items. The US Marshall’s Service, the IRS and other government entities sell items they have seized through either arrests or acquisitions to pay off back taxes. The United States Postal Service also sells goods left by people who have moved or didn’t have an address for a return or forwarding. Since these items are just piling up, the government sells them to bidders.

These are just a few of the sites you can use to find your online business opportunities and start earning extra money today!

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