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Getting Access to Your Diabetic Supplies

If you have been buying your diabetic supplies via mail order for many years, it may surprise you to learn that there may be a better way for you to access diabetic supplies. We are talking about buying your diabetic supplies online. Many companies have sprung up over the last several years that will allow you to do this entirely online, so that you can save time hanging on hold on the phone. This article gives you a couple of tips about how to evaluate diabetic supply companies.

If you are going to find a company that will allow you to handle this transaction completely online, you will want to first make sure that they accept your insurance. Most companies are more than happy to fill out the insurance forms and submit them for you, so you never see any paperwork. This is especially true for Medicare patients. Please take this tip to heart and ask the companies if they do this for you, since this will cut down on any “accidents” that could lead to you running out of your supplies. If a company is not willing to fill out the paperwork on your behalf, and instead expects that you will pay them and then fill out a form with your insurance company for reimbursement, then they don’t really want your business. Of course, if you have a very obscure or small insurance company, it may be difficult to find somebody who accepts your insurance, so it may be best to start at the end and work back—ask the insurance company to provide you with a list of suppliers who accept their insurance. That will definitely save you some time and frustration! And finally, if they will take care of contacting your doctor on your behalf for refill authorization, that is one less thing you have to worry about!

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