Heater Repair: Calling On An HVAC Specialist

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During the thick of winter, a broken heater is not a joke. It is not funny. The home can get cold quickly, and if it gets cold enough, water lines and other appliances can be damaged. So if the heater goes out, make the call to a Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) professional. Some aspects of HVAC can be independently learned if an owner is patient and forward thinking. The moment to gain the knowledge has passed once the furnace has stopped working. Still, there are two things to check before calling an HVAC technician.

First, check the furnace pilot light. Rarely, the only problem is a the little flame that has become extinguished. In a drafty basement, it is possible that a gust of strong wind blew it out. Take a lighter and try to relight the pilot light. If it ignites the problem may be fixed. Find a way to shield the flame from gusts (being sure not to put any flammable material near to the fire or prevent oxygen from flowing freely). Check the pilot light after twenty minutes. If it is still burning, you may have found the only problem. If not, there are still two possible simple fixes.

The second, and last option is a leaking duct. This will only be evident as the problem if the furnace is still burning but heat is not dispersing throughout the home. Finding the leaking duct and taping it with certified HVAC tape may restore the system and support gas flow again. When assessing this as the problem, a certain area of the house remaining warm will likely tip off the owner and the leak should be nearby to the warm area. If the heater comes from a different source, the best option is to bring in a professional to address and fix it. Companies like Heater Repair Atlanta, offer high quality service at very reasonable rates. If the job requires it, don’t hesitate to hire a pro.

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