How To Check The Doneness Of Grilled Foods

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Many people get this technique wrong every single time. But rest assure. I would like to tell you that this is very easy technique, just remember to do it the right way. The following foods for checking are:

Pork Chops: When Your finished cooking, cut the chops in half and look at the center to see if the meat has a darker pink color. This will tell you that meat is uncooked.

But if the meat in the center has a grayish color that looks dry, this means that the meat is over cooked.

But to really tell if it’s done the right way is to look for the meat that is slightly pink and it’s tender to the touch of your finger.

Ribs: This maybe one of the easiest ways to tell if your rack of ribs are ready to tear into. Take the rack and bend it backwards with the bone side facing up.

If the ribs start to tear off the bone easily then that means it’s ready for dinner.

Chicken: Take a butcher’s knife and cut the chicken towards the bone, notice if the meat’s juices is white or if it’s still bloody that means the chicken is under cooked.

But  if the juices are clear and the meat close the bone is no longer pink, this means it done.

Fish Fillet: The fish fillet is always hard to tell the internal temperature of when it’s done but, there  is a way by cutting into fish and looking for a opauqe  (not translucent) color which should be cooked all the way to the center.

The internal temperature should be around 125 degrees for good measure.

Shrimp: Like the fish fillet You would like to look for a opauqe color full of a juicy flavor.

But for shrimp that looks shrunken, dry and pink this means your shrimp is under cooked.

Shrimp tend to tighten up when it’s cooking, so be very careful when grilling these succulent delights.

But if your looking for good grill techniques visit Weber Ranch Kettle, also I have pork chop recipes for a great family dinner.

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