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How to floss with Braces

When you want to go through a orthodontist broker there are things you have to think about that you probably haven’t really taken into consideration before. For example what you eat. Some candy and foods get stuck easier. Because of this reason you will want to get good floss that works well and is able to get in between each bracket.

There are threaders that help you to thread the floss like a needle. These have a loop on one end a skinny tip on the other. This is so you can put the floss through the loop like you would thread a needle. Then you put it through one side of the places thread it through and pull it out the bottom. Then you can floss your teeth and get behind your braces. This is very helpful if you have a bridge as well.

There are also little brushes that you can slide through each one of your Braces that will help clean out any food particles that may be hiding. You can also find rubber like tooth picks. These are nice to go between each section as well to help remove particles.

You will want to make sure that you use a super floss. This is a little bit thicker floss that won’t shred and break as easy as normal floss does. It may be a little more difficult to use but a lot more durable.

These are just some of the different type of tools that will help you floss. Sometimes Braces can be difficult to clean between. You may want to ask your dentist or orthodontist what they recommend or have had success with. They may even be able to help show you how to use a couple of different ones so that you will see what works for you.  They may also be able to give you some samples of different threaders as well. If you would like to see some pictures please visit www.modestodentistoffice.com

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