Information on Becoming a Pastry Chef

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This career is in very high demand due to its specialized nature. Becoming a pastry chef can be a sweet profession. You can choose from a variety of programs including traditionally campus programs with online options that are designed to fit your life style. If you love the art of creating delectable desserts this is the career path for you. You can receive a diploma or a certificate or up to Associate or Bachelors in a culinary arts program. Along with you culinary arts degree you will also need a health certificate stating that pastry chefs have no communicable diseases, this is required by most states. If you are creative and have a strong work ethic, you will have a successful pastry chef career and receive the highest pastry chef salary which is upwards to $90,000 for an executive pastry chef position. Whenever looking for schools and comparing culinary programs the most important thing is to do research on the instructors, school accreditation and the facilities themselves.

Some examples of researching are that the culinary instructors should have a good teaching reputation, appropriate education, and a good mentor. For accreditation what you are looking for is any recognized culinary accredited school from the American Culinary Federation (ACF) such as Le Cordon Bleu, International Culinary School at The Art Institute, etc. After doing all of the necessary research to be sure that this is the career for you, decide on a culinary school. Consider taking classes at your local university or at a community college. While in school you can be working on an apprenticeship program for more job opportunities. Contact high quality restaurants or bakeries to start an apprenticeship program, if one is offered. Usually restaurants higher only degree or experienced pastry chefs but some will take on an apprentice who is willing to study and work for little or no compensation. It is best to talk to the head pastry chef about your willingness and aspirations. It will most likely be their sole decision to allow an apprenticeship. Sign up for specialized classes if they are offered at the school you are attending such as cake decorating, candy making, baking and anything else dealing with this culinary art. This will ensure a good starting pastry chef salary.

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