Know What Acupuncture New York Offers

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Acupuncture is a treatment method in Chinese medicine which has existed for thousands of years. The process of treatment involves the prickling of needles into various pressure or acu points thereby stimulating the flow of energy into the body, and unblocking the vessels which causes the development of certain ailments such as chronic back and joint pains, headaches, migraines, allergies, and problems concerning women’s health. Although acupuncture is known in the Eastern world, it has also been made available to the Western world by way of Acupuncture New York.
Since acupuncture is a concept from Chinese medicine, it is important to note that in order for you to experience this wonderful and natural treatment method in the safest way possible, is to look for a reputable and licensed acupuncturist NYC. Joseph Alban of Alban Acupuncture and Herbs Clinic 57 West 57th Street #1109, New York, NY 10019 (917) 887-4950 is one such acupuncturist who can perform acupuncture without the risk of side effects may it be physically or with regards to your health. Joseph Alban is a well-known and trusted name in acupuncture. He is also a board-certified herbalist who spent years of studying under the tutelage of the famous Dr Chang and Dr. Huang of Hunan University.
Aside from acupuncture New York, Joseph Alban and Alban Acupuncture also provides different kinds of treatment in Chinese medicine such as tui na massage, tai chi, cupping, electrical stimulation, and stretching. Being a herbalist, Alban is also a trusted name when it comes to formulating Chinese herbal medicine. The services and the prescriptions offered under Alban Acupuncture are all personalized to cater the clients’ individual needs. To know more about Alban Acupuncture and the services that they can offer, Joseph Alban offers free consultation in order to discuss his patient’s concerns and the treatment methods available for them.

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