Learn from the Experts: Stock Investing Tips for Beginners

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Stock investing for dummies may be intimidating at first, but it sounds too serious. Yes, it is a serious business and one may in big trouble, with regards to money, if he or she doesn’t master the stock investing industry. However, if a person, or in this case an investor, has mastered already the ABCs of stock investing, one would be surprise with how big time one can become.

If you are planning to enter into the world of stock investing and be an investor yourself, read along to learn basic information about this trade.

First, what are stocks? Stocks are capital or money invested by a company, or which is on hand for investing or trading by a company. Second, what are assets? Assets are the items of value owned, according to the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary.

Here are some stock tips that might help. When you invest on company stocks, there are six types of assets which you may acquire. First is the common stock, which is acquiring the ownership of the business with other board members or stockholders. Second is the preferred stock, which pays high dividends but have limited upside. Third is the bond, which may be municipal bond, corporate bond, savings bond, depending on the stock acquisition meeting. Fourth is the money market, which is the highly liquid fund, cash equivalent, designed to protect the purchasing power. Fifth is the real estate investment trust, which is in terms of real estate property or project, with no taxation, provided that more than 90 percent of the earnings are paid to the shareholders. Last is the mutual fund, which is actively managed by shareholders.

Usually, an investor checks on the ups and downs of companies and follows the market, analyzing when is the best time to invest. For safer transactions, some investor hire reputable stock broker, who does transactions in financial instruments in a stock market. A stock broker works as an agent of his or her clients. Some even buy trading software and system that automates the checking of stocks, to save time and manage one’s own risk.

However, according to Michael Dylan, a stock market investor for several years now, the following are his basic tips for beginners in stock investing.

First, before investing, be well-knowledgeable in stock investing. One must learn as much about the trade. One has to be reminded that stock investing is a business, thus money is involved. If one does not know or master how to invest wisely, he or she might as well say farewell to his or her money.

Second, give a lot of patience and admit mistakes. It is not always that one gets what he or she wants. There are times when people make the wrong move, so you have to be ready. After all, mistakes happen. You just have to learn from them.

And, seek help from professional advisor. Stock investing is a complicated trade. Taxes, funds, assets, debt, there are all connected so be guided always.

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