Let Me Show You How You Can Own A Private Campground

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Like many of the family’s out there we enjoy camping as a family.  We look forward to the opportunity to get away whenever we can.  We want to make sure that we have our favorite camping spot so we usually reserve it ahead of time but lately we have been arriving at the campground to find someone in our spot.  Even though we have reserved it, the people who are running the campground aren’t doing a very good job and they overbook.

It would be perfect if you could actually afford to purchase your own private camping spot that no one could use without your permission.  I’m sure you agree but you probably think that something like this is way out of your price range.  Follow along with me in this article and I’ll show you why you are wrong because it’s not out of your price range.  Most people can actually afford this.

Let me explain what I’m talking about here.  There’s a really cool area in Northern California near the town of Alturas that have been subdivided especially for people who would like to own a cabin site or maybe even their own private camping ground.  There’s plenty of property to go around in this area because the subdivision actually consists of around 25,000 individual acres.

This real estate for sale by owner is a perfect size for a family to enjoy as their own private campground and the best part is that it’s easy to purchase.  It will only cost you around $4000 for a lot in this area and you can finance it through the owner who doesn’t do any credit checks and has very simple terms.  His terms are that if you will pay $150 for a down payment and $100 each month, he will be happy to sell you a lot.

While it’s still fresh on your mind you really should take a minute and visit www.cheapmountainlands.com to see if any of the currently available lots might meet your needs.

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