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Life Insurance Sales Job and Career Potentials

Life insurance sales jobs are one of those careers where you can still make a lot of money without having much education or sales experience.  Getting jobs selling life insurance is not hard to do, although the actual work itself is really hard.  But if you are successful with it, the upside potentials for income and career are virtually endless.

Life insurance sales jobs have been the access point for many very wealthy and successful business people.  From Frank Bettger in the early 1900′s to many modern day success stories, selling life insurance has given many great men and women a start in business.

Although insurance sales people tend to have unattractive reputations in our modern world, it is continuing to make a lot of people really good money.  Those who are at the top are in one of the highest paying jobs in America and the world.  Top producers can make well beyond a six figure income for their efforts.

In addition, the upside potential is limitless.  Life insurance is commission based which means you get a percentage of your sales.  So the more sales you have, the more money you make.

You will also have opportunities down the line to sell more high priced products.  Some choose to go into selling commercial insurance, which makes higher commission and sales.  Some even go into selling investment products like stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

The thing about selling financial planning products is that it is very similar to selling life insurance.  In fact, much of the sales skills convert quite well.  In addition, once you do have additional lines or financial products to sell, you also have a base of clients who already know you and trusted you enough to buy life insurance from you.  It will be an easy up sell at that point.

There are many upsides to life insurance sales.  There is no doubt that you can make a lot of money and that the top percentage is in the bracket of the highest paying jobs without a degree that you can find.

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