Lovely Man Made Diamonds

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Jewelry shoppers all have it firmly in mind that a diamond is the king of gems, when it comes to a romantic gift. But for those of us without the budget for a huge glittering rock there are now some very real alternatives! Many gemstones, diamonds included, can now be produced by man in a controlled environment.

Man made diamonds are truly beautiful stones and the exquisite ones can still be costly, albeit much less than a real diamond. In this age of technology diamonds  now manufactured synthetically are affordable for many buyers. Harvesting gems from the earth was once the only means of possessing a gorgeous diamond but lovely artificial Diamonds look just as good as a real gemstone and are growing ever popular as a means of owning affordable stones. These stones will last a lifetime, their beauty and quality comparable to any superbly cut natural stone. The cultivation of theses gems in laboratories also eliminates the huge environmental impact of a diamond mine.

Be careful not to get man made diamonds confused with the well known cubic zirconium which is easily found in stores. Artificial diamonds have been divided into two categories -  the simulant and the synthetic. The best simulated diamonds are grown in labs but are made of alternative materials such as silicon carbide mixed with moissanite or cubic zirconium. These are all beautiful stones. Natural gems are found in mines, nature has taken centuries to develop these precious stones. But synthetic laboratory grown diamonds are in fact real, being made up of the same elements as a mined gemstone.

Although there is no fortune to be saved here synthetic diamonds cost a bit less than natures own. These gems are not widely distributed finding them may be a slight difficulty. There are a few gem dealers that carry these diamonds but going to your local jeweler you will probably be disappointed. Although these diamond beauties are not all over the market place they are serving strong stones and are serving in manufacturing and science. Beautiful jewelry is treasured by most people, certainly a fine way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. The production of these precious stones is to be admired and have great appeal to jewelry lovers from all financial groups.

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