Make Your Own Beaded Watches and Necklaces to Save Money

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If you are into unique and custom watch designs, then you can make beaded watches on your own. Since you have your own styles to follow when it comes to creating watches for you to sell, you will get investment opportunities if you know exactly what to do. The instructions are very simple. For the materials needed, you will need beads, elastic jewelry thread, scissors and watch face.

You have to think about your own designs and styles before you do the beading process so that it will be easier for you to make watches. Measure the size of your wrist for the appropriate measurement. However, you have to add two inches to tie the ends. Then, cut two pieces of the thread to match the measurement you follow. You have to tie the threads together at one end. You have to secure the end to the watch face when attaching the threads. It is easier for you to attach the thread since watches have a small bar along the side. Place small beads on each strand. Hold the two strands together and place a large bead over the ends so that smaller beads will be held in place. You have to stop the beading process until there is only one inch remaining. As for the last step, tie the end of the watch band to the opposite of the watch face. Aside from watches, you can also create your own bracelets and necklaces. If you want to focus on the latter part, then you can look for DIY necklace kits found online to provide you with the instructions that you need. The materials needed are assorted beads, nylon-coated wire, wire cutters and clasp. It is essential to focus on the measurement of the length for your necklace as well as additional two inches.

Accessories such as beaded watches and necklaces are easy to create. With simple instructions and processes, you will surely get what you want.

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