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Measure Body Fat Right

Some body fat calculator are available through google search to guide you on how to measure body fat percentage. However these options may not be that accurate on how to measure your body fat.

Although no measurement can really give you 100% accuracy to start your fitness program, there are 3 smart options you can be aware of on how to measure body fat right.

Hydrostatic Underwater Weighing

The hydrostatic device will require a person to sit on a chair and be pushed down in water. Since fat floats more than muscle, the more you float on water the more body fat will be detected.

Your floating can also be impacted through the air that comes in and out as you breathe.

Bod Pod

This one is an egg-shaped chamber that a person sits in to measure the volume of their body composition. Unlike the hydrostatic weighing method, how to measure body fat with this method is impacted by pressure not by air.

To measure a person’s mass can be more accurate through the use of an accompanying weight scale.

The mass from the scale divided by the volume from the pod will give you your bone density.

Understanding your bone density will be necessary to calculate body fat vs lean muscle mass.

3. Skinfold Testing

Since most of your fats are stored right below your skin, this method is done through the use of calipers pinched through your skin and fat.

If you have a friend or a relative who can support you as you do this will be of  great help. How to measure body fat fast can include using some brand like Accu-Measure.

Any brand will actually do as long as it can measure at least 3-4 parts of your body to give you a solid estimate.

All of these method would need to consider ones age, sex and race. As there is no estimate that can give you 100% accuracy, these method will give you an idea which of the two components make up your body, the body fat or the lean muscle mass.

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