New Chicken Breast Recipes

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Everyone loves good chicken breast recipes, and ground beef recipes, but if you are a bit tired of the same old thing, there are quite a few different ways to prepare your meals.

Put them on the barbecue
Whether you use a gas grill, or like your meat over the coals, there are plenty of recipes that you can use outdoors. Try marinating the breasts in garlic salt, pepper, whole grain mustard, and a good dark beer. Leave them in the refrigerator over night or for at least four hours. When you are ready to cook, put them on a hot grill. Remember to keep turning to avoid burning. Check the breasts by piercing with a barbecue fork. If the juices run clean, you are ready to eat. Make a pot of pork and beans, and a loaf of sour dough bread, and you will have a delicious, filling meal.

Unusual Ground Beef Recipes
Almost everyone has packaged noodles in the pantry, and one of the most delicious ways to prepare mince uses them as the main ingredient. Start by browning the meat in a large skillet, or wok. Add some diced onions and ground ginger. You can also use fresh grated ginger. After about ten minutes, add the noodles, flavor packets, and two cups of water. Simmer for three minutes, or until the noodles are tender. The British love sausage rolls, and you can easily prepare them at home. Add a pound of ground pork to a pound of mince and mix together thoroughly. Roll out some puff pastry and slice into thirds. Fill them with the mixture, roll and bake in a hot oven for twenty-five minutes.

These delicious recipes will have your friends and family begging for more, and they will think you spent hours preparing them.

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