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Nook cases and covers

The Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader comes with no accessories other than the Nook itself, a USB cord with removable plug wall adapter, and it’s battery already installed.  You’ll definitely need to buy something to protect your e-reader when you travel.  You can get your Nook cases and Nook covers from Amazon or BN’s website or stores. Other Nook accessories like book lights and car chargers have to be bought separately.

There is a wide selection of covers or cases to choose from just like the Amazon Kindle e-reader.  Do you want leather or faux leather?  Perhaps you want a soft cloth material?  Or maybe you want a hard case or a soft durable neoprene case.  Other options to think about is how you want to use the cover.  Some open like a book with snap or metallic closures, or zipper enclosures to secure the entire device in a case.  Other covers open at the top end and really is just a pocketbook for the Nook.  It’s interesting to note that some covers have the option to read as a flip book style and have an end that props up the Nook like an artist’s easel.  Make sure you know that before you buy because it’s not always obvious!

There are many fancy brand name designers like Kate Spade that make very stylish carrying cases for your Nook.  These tend to be more expensive that a plain protective case, but are they worth the additional cost?  It depends on your style and how long you tend to keep your Nook.   Getting a good quality durable protective cover or case is a good investment in ensuring that Nook lasts a long time.

BoxWave Nero Leather Elite nook Case

Simple and elegant, BoxWave’s Nero Leather Elite Case is a slim leather case that is custom fitted for your nook. This durable leather case protects and neatly stores your device everyday, while giving your device a timeless look.The nook Nero Leather Elite Case has a sturdy yet lightweight cover…

Bundle Monster Barnes & Noble Nook (Fit Older Black & White Model Only) Ereader Synthetic Leather Opening Case Cover Jacket with Interior Compartments – Purple

This synthetic leather case is also designed for the Barnes & Noble Nook ebook reader (Fit 3G or Wifi model for Black & White Model Only. Does NOT fit the NookColor). The exterior surface presents a leather-like texture finish. This cover features a thinner design, but still protect your Nook…

BoxWave Ruby Patent Leather Elite nook Case

With just the right shine, BoxWave’s Ruby Patent Leather Elite Case is a slim case that is custom fitted for your nook. This durable synthetic leather case protects and neatly stores your device everyday, while giving your device a timeless, trendy look.The nook Ruby Patent Leather Elite Case has a…

Bundle Monster Barnes & Noble Nook (Fit Black & White Model Only 3G or Wifi) Synthetic Leather Case Cover Jacket + Skin Sticker + Screen Protector Ebook Accessories Combo

This monster bundle deal includes a synthetic leather cover case, design skin, and screen protector for the Barnes & Noble Nook reader (Fit Black & White model only). Does NOT fit the newer NookColor. The exterior surface presents a leather-like texture finish. An alternative from our genuine…

Clear mCover® Hard Shell Case for Barnes & Noble 6-inch Nook eBook reader, built-in hard Screen Protector and Retractable Stand included

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Hard Cube Carrying Case for E-Book Barnes and Nobles Nook (Black)

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There are a multitude of options for cases and covers to protect your Barnes and Noble Nook electronic reader. Which one should you buy? Ideally, the nook case or nook cover you pick should be lightweight, durable, has a design that protects from scratches and damaging your nook ebook reader without adding bulk.

They also need to be designed specifically for the Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader, not the Amazon Kindle!!!!

The nook covers and cases come in a variety of shapes and size and materials. Do you like leather, or softer materials? Then get a leather nook cover. Do you want a hard case with zipper enclosure or one with magnetic closure, portfolio style? Do you like vibrant colors and designs or do you classic black? Do you want to get a nook cover with light already built in?

Each kind has pros and cons, but ultimately you want to pick one that feels good in your hands and fits your lifestyle.

Leather covers for the nook

Leather nook covers and nook faux-leather covers come in a variety of colors including red, black, and brown. Nice solid classic colors. They are form-fitting to fit the nook perfectly. It is also lightweight and durable. You want a design that provide quick access to all the control features of the nook and the ports.

Make sure the interior of the flip side of the cover doesn’t scratch your nook. Some people overlook this important step!  Getting a generic ebook cover probably won’t work as well since it was not designed with the Nook’s dimensions in mind.

You also need to consider the way that these covers hold the nook in place.  For example, some of the options have elastic straps on all 4 covers.  At some point in time, these elastic straps will loose the elasticity.  So keep that in mind.  Some of the covers have fabric overlays that keep the nook in place.  These kinds of straps may last longer.

Cloth covers for the nook

With cloth covers, you can get some fun and quirky designs. Nook cover patterns can be more lively than solid colors.

As with all cases and covers, make sure that the interior lining facing the nook is soft so that it doesn’t scratch the screen while in your backpack or handbag. The case should allow access to all ports and control features.

Soft cases with zipper enclosures for the nook

Some people like to hold the nook in their hands and don’t need a cover.  These kind of readers would probably be best to get soft cases for their nooks.  If you are this kind of reader, then you can store your nook in the soft case and place it in your handbag or backpack and not worry about it.

A soft case with zipper enclosure is great way to store your nook without you worrying about it falling out of a portfolio style case. If made from light-weight materials, it will not weigh you down. Some come with accessory pockets to store accessories like a recharger plug and recharging cord. They make it great as a nook carrying case.

The problem with the soft cases is that they don’t offer much protection against the screen if your case gets rattling around in your backpack or handbag.  In this case, you may be better off getting a hard case.


Hard cases with zipper enclosures for the nook and hard shells

Are you rough with your stuff? Or do you travel a lot where your nook could be damaged from rough traveling? Did you get the extra warranty with your nook? If not, you may want to get the strongest protection possible. Hard cases may be the best option for you. Again with the zipper enclosure, your nook is sure to stay nice and protected within.

A nook hard shell case may also be a great option if you like to hold the nook in your hands while reading, but need some protection for your nook when it’s not in use while you are out and about. The downside to these kinds of hard cases is that they tend to be heavier. The trade off is that they are heavier, but they offer more protections against bumps and such when compared to a soft case. If you know that your nook will be rolling around in a larger bag like backpack, getting a stronger hard case may be the best option for you.

Some of the options for nook covers include a nook hard shell case.  It’s a like a nook skin, but it’s a hard case to help protect it from damage.

Other styles

There are other styles out there that may reflect the way you like to read. Some people like to have their cases like a book. This is called porfolio style where the flap opens to the right or left. In contrast, the flip book style opens on the top or bottom (depending on the manufacturer). This flip book style case is certainly different that the other book styles. So make sure you know which way the cover opens before you buy. Some people don’t give it much thought.

In addition, you can get a nook cover with light already built in. A Nook cover light may come in handy in any number of situations, like traveling on a plane or reading in bed next to a loved one who needs the lights off in a room.

With some people, they like to have a envelop looking case for their nook.  This envelop give the nook user a unique look.  It’s also makes quite a statement.

Protecting your beloved nook with a properly fitted cover or case is important.  After you select a cover or case, you might need to get other nook accessories like screen protectors, extra memory cards or a car charger.  Barnes and Noble has a wide selection of accessories for the nook in their stores and online on their website.  However, these items tend to get pricey.  Amazon also has many options from different manufacturers. A lot of the options found on Amazon tend to be cheaper than similar items found in a Barnes and Noble store.

Best nook accessories

Now that you have your Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader, you need to protect it with a case or cover. And you’ll most likely need to get other nook accessories like a memory card, nook light, and extra wires.  As you know when you open that Barnes and Noble Nook box, you only get your nook, one USB wire with a wall AC adapter plug.  There is no extra memory card, there is no extra battery, there is no screen protector, there is no extra wires, there is no car charger, and there is no traveling case or protective cover.   There is a bunch of stuff to get depending on your anticipated needs.  You can buy all this stuff at the Barnes and Noble store, or their website.  You can also check out stuff that Amazon sells.


A List of Nook Accessories to Get

1) First on your list, you should consider getting a case or cover to protect your nook from scratches and other damage. There are variety of styles to protect your nook, like a soft silicone skins or gel skins, leather covers, patent leather covers, faux-leather covers, hard cases. You might want to get several if you can decide. Make sure it’s designed to fit your nook!  There are many options, but some are considered generic covers. The nook covers and nook cases are designed to fit it perfectly.

2) Think about getting extra wires. An extra USB car charger and wall charger will come in handy when you travel. It can stay in your luggage or overnight bag.

3) You may want to get a screen protector to prevent scratches and a micro-fiber that’s delicate enough to clean your screen. The reading screen is important as that’s where you are reading your ebooks!  Thus, it’s of high importance that you keep this screen clean and clear for the best reading experience.

4) Get a nook book light. Since the greatest advantage to the e-readers is that they are not back-lit like a computer screen.  Back lit screens tend to cause eye strain.  That’s why black and white ereaders are easier on your eyes when in comparison to color ereaders. However, when it’s dark, you can’t read those black and white ereaders so you need to get a book light. There are several makers out there that make good lights for the nook.

5) Consider getting extra memory for your nook. It’s not too expensive for the ability to expand your library.  A 2 GB card is relatively cheap and it’s a great way to ensure that you have the space you need before you actually need it.

6) Soft microfiber cleaning cloths come in very handy to clean off the fingerprints and stray marks that get on your screen without causing any damage. And they can be used for your computer screens, smart phones, etc.

7) Some manufacturers bundle accessories all together.  A nook bundle of accessories may be the best way to save some money.  Even if you don’t need all the stuff in the bundle, you might find yourself using it later or reusing it for another device that you have.

Nook Silicone Skins

Silicone skins are a great ways to protect your nook and add a little color. These nook skins allow you to safely carry your nook around without getting scratches on the body of the nook.

Make sure you get a silicone skin that is designed to fit the nook’s shape.

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