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“Where are the tongs? Honey? WHERE ARE THE TONGS?!”

Ever been there? I have. Sometimes I luck out and can’t find what I’m looking for BEFORE I start cooking. But usually I’m working on preparing a meal and juggling multiple items at the same time. Right as one dish reaches the critical moment I have no way to get it out of the pan or cooking dish. And not just small things. I’ve had it happen once with a turkey and once with a ham. Those were hot and heavy!

The sad thing is that keeping your kitchen organized is a relatively easy thing to do. When I grew up, all of our flatware was in one drawer, and all of our cooking gadgets were in another. The flatware drawer would have the larger cooking spoons and cutting knives, but spatulas and other items were crammed in the drawer. That is all fine and good, but why not free up some of that space with a simple kitchen utensil holder?

I now have two utensil holders that I keep right by the stove. Spatulas, slotted spoons, whisks, etc. All of the larger utensils go in the utensil holder. Not only does it free up space in the drawer for the more odd shaped items, but it puts the utensils I need where I need them so I have them when I need them.

With so many specialized storage stores, it should be easy to find something that matches the look and feel of your kitchen. You can find stainless steel containers, either solid, or wire-framed. There are multiple plastic options…ceramic…the choices are out there. There are even some pretty awesome rack systems out there if you have enough wall space to hang your utensils. Generally, those systems are designed to hang their brand of utensils, but yours may fit.

There are also plenty of different drawer organization options for allocating space in your cooking drawer.

The more organized you get, the less you’ll have to worry when you’re caught in the heat of the moment. For more info on cooking utensils and gadgets check out

Find all your necessary kitchen tools with a quick spin of the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Rotating Utensil Holder. The smooth rotating Holder makes tools easy to access. With a 5.5 inch diameter, the Utensil Holder holds over 15 large-handled tools, everything you need for preparing your favorite meals. A contoured bottom keeps tools upright, even when the Holder is not full. Non-slip feet guarantee the Holder won’t tip over when removing tools. For added convenience, you can use the three storage compartments to sort your tools by usage. Made of stainless steel, dishwasher safe.
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This versatile utensil holder features a sophisticated design and heavier weight construction for durability and a decorative scroll motif that any kitchen would love. It offers a great way to organize all your kitchen tools with style. The Scroll Grande Utensil Holder is oversized. Made of metal with beautiful scroll work and a matte black finish. Spectrum is a company that does the small stuff great. Their items are made of better plastics, heavier steel, thicker powder coating, and stronger castings. Spectrum inspects every piece before it leaves their factory, so you know you’ll always get top quality products. It measures 6-3/4-inch H by 5-3/4-inch Diameter. Black
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Keep all your kitchen tools handy with the OXO GOOD GRIPS Stainless Steel Utensil Holder. The unique elliptical shape fits in narrow areas or flush against a wall. At 8 1/4 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches deep, the Caddy holds over 16 large-handled tools, eve
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Beautify your kitchen with Totally Bamboo’s Lattice Utensil Holder. It measures 5-inch in diameter, 7-inch tall and will keep your kitchen utensils ready-at-hand and looking ever so good. Made of strong bamboo. Holder has a tri-ply, cross laminate construction with a specially formulated high temperature adhesive. All of Totally Bamboo’s items are distinctively attractive, super strong, and totally -inchgreen!-inch The benefits of using bamboo are numerous. For example: bamboo is 16 percent harder than maple, it’s naturally anti-microbial; it holds the promise of a sustainable, cost effective, and ecologically responsible alternative to the widespread clear cutting of our old growth forests. Totally Bamboo uses organically grown Moso bamboo, so you need not worry about harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Plus, this bamboo is not a food source, or a habitat, for the Giant Panda. Totally good for you and totally good for the environment! Bamboo is easy to maintain. Wash with warm water and use Totally Bamboo’s Revitalizing Oil, occasionally, to extend the life and keep bamboo looking beautiful.
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