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Popular Benefits Of Molasses

A lot of people are unaware that there are plenty of benefits of molasses. Yes, using this sugar by product comes with tons of benefits. Here are some of the popular set of benefits:

Iron supplements – molasses has a high iron content. This makes it an ideal food supplement for people who need more iron in their bodily systems. Pregnant women or those who are experiencing a heavy flow can use molasses as a way to make up for the loss of iron in their blood. It is also used as part of the treatment for iron deficiency anemia. There are a lot of successful cases that were addressed with the help of molasses.

Baking sweetener – molasses is used in a lot of baking recipes. The concentrated sweetness and the liquid form make it easy to mix in a lot of baking batter.

Cheaper than sugar – ever since molasses was discovered, many people use it as their go to sweetener because it is way cheaper than sugar. Molasses continue to be the cheaper alternative to sugar. This makes it an excellent sweetener for people who are on a budget. Business operations that use sweeteners as one of the materials for their products, use molasses as a way to cut down on costs and maximize profits.

Raw material for ethanol – molasses is also a good base material for producing ethanol. Molasses can be fermented in order to produce ethanol that can be used for a variety of applications.

Making dark colored alcoholic drinks – the dark, viscous fluid called molasses make it a great base material for creating dark colored alcoholic drinks. These drinks range from rum, lagers and dark ales. Various kinds of molasses can be used to create a variety of drink flavors.

Hydroponic – molasses can be used in hydroponic planting. Hydroponics are great for soil free planting. While there are other substances that can be used as a substitute for molasses, molasses is still the best one to use.

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