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Like the article suggest, we’ll be exposing some of the most popular tips circulating the internet into shreds. Enough is enough. We’re sick of false and potentially dangerous tips floating around the internet acting like they’re facts of life. These myths are mostly designed by the food industry to sell more food. To line up their pockets. They don’t care about me and you getting fat and diseased eating their so called food. If I sound angry its probably because I am. Capitalism is ruining our country and I set to correct that using the power of the internet.

Alright, lets start ripping those myths to shreds.

The first myth is particularly insidious in its nature. Not only it is a myth, it is disguised as a health food! Now, being a responsible citizens and parents we are. We feed ourselves and our kids this health food every morning. Completely unaware that the fat cat companies that are making all this up is laughing to the bank right as we speak. What food I’m talking about here? Its as common as the water you drink everyday. I’m talking about products made from grains. From your rice crackers to your breakfast cereals and bread.

I’m sure some of you are shocked when you read the above. Breakfast cereals are bad? They’re advertised as healthy! You can’t trust advertising nowadays. Our politicians are being lobbied and bought everyday. Its no wonder democracy is failing. Big companies like weight watchers are manufacturing these dangerous food and promote them and healthy.

Now you might be asking, what make those grains dangerous? I can have whole wheat for bread can’t I. The answer is no. You should avoid all grains and their derivative. In fact, whole wheat is even  more dangerous for you. Why are they dangerous? You see, grain aren’t really supposed to be consumed by humans or even other mammals. The reason being is that if you eat them, the grain can’t pollinate and will become extinct. Its not like most fruits where they have a symbiotic relationships with the animals that eat them. (The animals help the fruits to spread the seeds around)

So in order to defend against us and the animals, grain actually produces some kind of “poison” that aren’t exactly good for us. This is especially true for whole wheat grain. This is why some people are allergic to grain. Skin rashes appears immediately when these people ate even a little bit of bread. There’s nothing wrong with them. They’re just more sensitive to the “poison” than the rest of us. I hope you got some value out of our article. Good luck in your weight loss quest.

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