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Pros and Cons of TV Viewing

During the previous years, when technology was still at its immature phase and not yet developed and properly introduced into the market, parents were so strict on the number of hours that their children spent in watching television and playing unblocked games. Indeed television may have unhealthful effects to children and also to older people if done inappropriately.

Firstly it can definitely strain the eyes. Secondly, it can make a person sedentary and can contribute to obesity in the future. Thirdly, there are a lot of unhealthful channels that might bring about negative impact to children. All these and more can indeed cause unhealthful effects to the watcher but it all depends to the parents, guardian, or the older individuals that are around the youngster when he’s watching television for longer hours. Parental guidance is always advised to make television watching educational instead of disadvantageous. Watching TV is always educational especially if the channel is either National Geographic Channel or Discovery Channel. On one hand, Cartoon Network is well-adored by kids especially those action series that show powerful characters in uniform fighting against evil. Such plot is usually inspired by the Power Rangers show in the early 90’s, which became even more popular with its power rangers games. Moreover, the show also shows remarkable fighting scenes that makes it more inviting. There are also shows in Cartoon Network that teaches children to be obedient, polite, and to be studious. Undeniably there are really a lot of helpful and advantageous channels to choose from however; too much watching of these channels will give rise to unhealthy effects and lack of sense of priority which will branch out to another problem. So it will be much wiser for parents to be always around when they notice any irregular TV viewing of their kids. This will not only help kids for a safety TV viewing but will also help parents to monitor the channels their children are watching.

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