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Samsung N150 Pink Netbook

The Samsung N150 pink netbook is a nice way to have some bright pink coloring as you travel with your laptop.  Netbooks are the newest thing in laptops, and when they first came out many people high up along the technological chain thought they would simply be a fad.  However, they became surprised to see the popularity of these small travel sized laptops which can connect to the Internet for basic use.  They have a way of delivering an attitude of high style as you ensure that you stay connected and have less to carry around with you.

If you have a budget in mind, this Samsung pink laptop certainly is a nice option for a traveling machine since it costs less than its full sized counterparts.  The screen is 10.1 inches which means it is very small in size but that means that it is much lighter in weight than even the lightweight full sized laptops.  It still has a keyboard which is roughly 93% of a full sized keyboard that makes for easier typing than similar smaller netbooks which can cause your fingers to get tied up.  It can hold up to seven hours of battery life as well which makes it the perfect companion when you are out and about in places that do not have electric wall sockets within easy reach.  The netbook can work for such a long time because of reduced overall power consumption with the efficient LED display and optimized processing performance.  Also, rather than being a traditional pink, the Samsung N150 comes in what is called Flamingo Pink, which is a rather vibrant and deep hot pink color instead of something light and baby pink.  The specifications of the N150 make it nice for everyday use such as e-mailing – it has an integrated webcam for video chats, three USB ports, and a 3 in 1 memory card reader.

Overall, the Samsung N150 is a great option to choose from the many pink laptop computers currently available. It is a nice way to save money and save the stress on your arms while still staying on top of things and keeping in style.

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