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Saving Money on Pearl Jewelry

Some women consider pearls an essential part of their wardrobe. Unfortunately, high-quality pearls can be very expensive – especially if you plan on buying brand-name saltwater pearls. For example, Mikimoto is well known for its high-quality pearls, but you can expect to pay as much as $7000 for a top notch pearl necklace. Other expensive types of pearls include the elusive Tahitian chocolate pearls. These pearls are created through a special process only used by one or two companies, making authentic chocolate pearls hard to find. Fortunately, there are several ways to save money on your pearls if you don’t mind purchasing jewelry that is slightly lower quality.

One way to save money on your jewelry is to purchase the commercial grade lines of jewelry created by well-known companies. One great example of this is the Blue Lagoon jewelry line created by Mikimoto. These pearls are the same quality as other popular jewelry lines – Tiffany’s for example – and are lower in price than Mikimoto brand pearls. If you are interested, you can find a Blue Lagoon pearl necklace at stores like Sam’s Club, Zales, and Gordon’s. If you purchase directly from these stores, you can get a nice piece of jewelry for well under $1000.

Similarly, if you are interested in exotic colors, you can save money by purchasing dyed freshwater pearls instead of treated Tahitians. Freshwater pearls are often just as high quality as saltwater pearls, but due to the high quantity of pearls shipped from Chinese pearl farms, they are often much cheaper. Freshwater pearls are often very easy to dye or otherwise color treat.

You may find that no matter what type of pearl you wish to buy, if you are willing to compromise on certain aspects (anything but surface quality and luster), you can get a much better bargain. However, you will always need to pay more if you wish to buy top quality pearls.

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A 14K rose-gold pendant set with one round “Chocolate” Tahitian Pearl, 9-10mm and bronze in color, in a polished “Teardrop” setting, without chain. Approximately L: 1 1/2″ W: 9/16″
A 14K rose-gold necklace set with five round “Chocolate” Tahitian Pearls, 9-10mm and bronze in color, with an eighteen inch 1.0mm “Alternado” chain.
A pair of 14K white-gold pierced earrings set with two round “Chocolate” Tahitian Pearls, 8-9mm and bronze in color.
Chocolate Tahitian studs look amazing whether worn by them selves or matching a bracelet or necklace. All of our chocolate Tahitian stud earrings are expertly matched to make exquisite earrings. Chocolate Tahitian stud earrings come in a variety of sizes and we are sure to have the perfect match for you. These studs are color enhanced as is all of our chocolate Tahitian products.
A 14K rose-gold pendant set with one drop-shaped “Chocolate” Tahitian Pearl, 8-9mm and bronze in color, and one faceted round Diamond totaling 0.02 carats, total weight, without chain. Approximately L: 5/8″ W: 5/16″
A 14K rose-gold ring set with one round “Chocolate” Tahitian Pearl, 8-9mm and bronze in color, and six faceted round Diamonds totaling 0.07 carats, total weight.

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