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Small Fridges For Sale – 12V

When looking for small fridges for sale people have many options to choose from. There are small bar fridges, small portable fridges, small dome fridges, and many others. One thing you seldom find however are quality small 12v fridges for sale.

The reason for this is that high quality 12v fridge freezers are very expensive to manufacture; meaning they have relatively low margins at the point-of-sale. A good 12v fridge of this kind requires expensive compressors. Not many manufacturers produce this type of car fridge at very high quality levels. The few exceptions include Engel, Waeco and National Luna.

If you’re paying less than $700 for a small 12 V fridge freezer for the car then you are not getting a high quality unit. If you do see small fridges for sale that claim to be suitable for use as car refrigerators then you can rest assured they are probably not all that.

12v fridge options that are available in the sub to hundred dollar range will be utilizing absorption style technology, which when used with 12 volt direct current is terribly inefficient. While for some applications this may be okay. This is a nonstarter if you are seeking a quality 12v fridge for your vehicle.

If you refrigerator is drawing a lot of current, then your vehicle starter battery will be run down quickly. Clearly this is not a good thing, and could potentially impact the ability of your car to start. If on the other hand you have a highly efficient compressor style 12v fridge that it is relatively safe to operate these from a car vehicles battery for extended period of times.

In summary it is advised to avoid small fridges for sale when contemplating the purchase of a 12v fridge freezer for use in your car. You really do get what you pay for with these devices.

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