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Some great places to stick a mini fridge

Try to imagine life without refrigeration, or more specifically, try to imagine life without refrigerators. It’s not until the power goes out, or we move to a new home where the power has not been turned on yet, that we realize just how much we depend on these wonderful appliances. In fact, we rely on them so much, that we often find ourselves running out of storage space in our refrigeration units. Then, it becomes time to add additional units to our households.

I bet you can think of several places in your own home where you’d like to add an extra fridge, maybe even some mini fridges for more compact storage space. The garage is a great place to start, because we often have much unused space in this part of the home. Garages are often large enough to house all our vehicles, with much extra space for tools, mowers, and even a fridge or a storage freezer for avid hunters, who like to store their catch until it’s time to prepare it.

A basement is similar to a garage in that it’s often an afterthought when it comes to adding a fridge to the home. Gone are the days when most basements are dark and dank. Rather, many home owners are finishing their basements and adding major appliances to the decor. In fact, many are turning their basements into rec rooms, where they may add a full sized wet bar or a smaller bar area.

A mini bar fridge is an ideal way to store sodas, juices and some adult beverages, for times when you may be entertaining friends, family and other guests. The mini fridge is so versatile, it would fit in almost any room of the home, and is an ideal gift to give a child who is venturing away from home for the first time, maybe to go to college or move into their first apartment or home.

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SUMMIT Appliance has been a leader in specialty refrigeration and major appliances since 1969. They serve a number of market segments in household, commercial, medical, scientific and professional refrigerators, freezers, ranges and other unique appliances. SUMMIT MB24L is a silent minibar. It uses absorption technology and features a front mounted lock approved by most local health departments. It has a reversible door swing and at only 15 3/4 inches wide, it is ideal for hotels, offices, and for convenient beverage storage in bedrooms or dens.
Danby’s DCR34BL 3.2 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator with Freezer is a black counter-high fridge perfect for the dorm, bedroom or lunch room. This model can be adjusted to the same height as the counter and includes a scratch resistant work top. It has a reversible door hinge, integrated handle and a smooth back design for a flush fit against walls.Great features include a full width freezer section, our patented CanStor beverage dispenser and molded egg storage.
The Emerson 1.8 cu. ft. (50L) compact refrigerator is a great solution for small spaces. The compact design fits easily into tight spaces and provides ample storage with 1 slide–out wire rack, separate freezer compartment, can storage and door shelves. The compressor cooling system assures a consistently cool temperature with the environmentally friendly R134a coolant which is also CFC free.

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