Protect your driving privilege with Texas car insurance

The penalties for operating a car in Texas without the state mandated insurance are tougher now than ever. Drivers that do not have insurance may be fined up to 350 along with court costs for the first offense. A second conviction can cause the driver to lose his license for up to two years. Keeping [...]

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Finding Cheap Womens Car Insurance Deals

There are some clear advantages to being a female driver these days. The biggest advantage is that you have the potential to save a lot of money on your auto insurance premiums. The reason that you stand to save a lot of money is because female drivers usually tend to be involved in less crashes [...]

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The Benefits of Car Insurance

The moment you own a vehicle and start driving, it is of great import that you avail yourself of proper car insurance. Not only because the law dictates that you do, but with the view in mind of protecting yourself and your automobile from any untoward peril while you are out on the road. Really [...]

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Why Florida Drivers Should Have Liability Insurance

Under the Florida mandatory insurance statute, drivers are only required to carry no fault, or personal injury protection insurance and property damage liability coverage. While this coverage protects drivers by covering medical bills incurred due to an accident and damage they cause to other vehicles, they do not protect drivers from lawsuits which can arise [...]

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