The New Galaxy S

We’ve all seen the advertisements on television that come on for the newest advancement in cell phone technology, one of them being the newest addition to the Samsung line, the Galaxy S. The Galaxy is a smart phone which boasts a four inch high definition LED display and an ultra fast processing unit, but does [...]

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5 Tips to Get Cheap Cell Phone with Bad Credit

Wondering how to get a cheap cell phone with bad credit? Even though most companies usually require consumers to have a good credit standing before offering them cheap cell phones, the happy thing is that there are ways to get cheap phones even when suffering from a bad credit rating. Here then are 5 easy [...]

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Learn About GPS Cell Phone Tracking

Nowadays, GPS is as regular and as constant as any other everyday things like OJ for instance. But did you know that their correct name is GPSS or global positioning satellite system? Here are a few more facts about GPS. Probably you are all aware the GPS is used in cars today but did you [...]

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