Dealing with Past Credit Mistakes

Nowadays, almost everyone has a credit card. And why not get one, right? It’s so beneficial for people who want to buy this and that without having to pull out cold cash. But having a credit card is a responsibility that reflects your capacity and integrity as a borrower, and for you to be able [...]

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5 Tips to Get Cheap Cell Phone with Bad Credit

Wondering how to get a cheap cell phone with bad credit? Even though most companies usually require consumers to have a good credit standing before offering them cheap cell phones, the happy thing is that there are ways to get cheap phones even when suffering from a bad credit rating. Here then are 5 easy [...]

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Easy Steps for Credit Repair

People always assume that keeping my credit in great shape is easy for me, since I have spent most of my life working in the banking and financial industry.  The honest truth is that no one is immune from life’s curve balls and there have been several times in my life that I have been [...]

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