An Overview of Financial Markets

A financial system is composed of financial markets and institutions some of the players in the financial system or household names like the New York Stock Exchange, Wells Fargo, or GE Capital or any other entity that helps to create the best forex trading conditions. Others are lesser-known but with widely varying characteristics such as [...]

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What the Durable Goods Report Means for Forex Trading

The Durable Goods Report came out positive last week sending the stock market on a rally.  That rally helped the stock market have the best month since the beginning of the year.  Whatever your forex trading strategies are, you need to know what these periodic economic reports do to the financial markets. Durable Goods Report [...]

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Forex investing strategies

One way to make money at home is through exchanging foreign currencies via forex investing.   An article in the New York Times highlighted the sheer amount the Japanese homemakers could make easily, but lose easily (mostly due to greed).  Getting your feet wet in foreign exchange (forex), may represent a steep learning curve for some, [...]

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