Landscaping and Garden lights

Garden landscaping is not just for larger sized gardens, but planning and landscaping can also be done for smaller sized gardens allowing the landscaped areas to be enjoyed by the homeowners as an outdoor entertaining space. A must for landscaping is the setting out of garden lights and careful attention must be paid to where [...]

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Helpful information about garden lighting!

Are you looking for a way to impress your neighbors?  Garden lights can add a whole new look and feel to your yard.  If you are not familiar with garden lights, I’m not referring to lights that enhance the beauty of your peas in your vegetable garden. When you hear the term garden light it [...]

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Lantern Style Solar Garden Lights

Outdoor lighting fixtures are not just limited to the patio. Having a garden allows you to branch out and put exterior lights in unique locations. Gardens are ideal locations for outdoor lights because they have so many physical features which can be accented. This includes plants, sitting areas, trees, water features and more. Large gardens [...]

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