Healthy Hair Ahead

Your hair must be your crowning glory and ever since healthy shiny hair has been your goal. You thought that every shower will bring you one step closer to this dream. But realizing healthy shiny hair takes more than showers so you feed your hair with tons of products that promised to make it look [...]

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How To Properly Apply a Toupee

Toupees are usually custom made to specifically address the needs of the wearer. They are using either synthetic or human hair. Usually an adhesive is use to attach the toupee In some reasons, we could not avoid the situation that sometimes the color of the toupee doesn’t match to the color of the wearer. This [...]

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What To Do About Hair Loss

Dealing with hair loss? You are not alone, my friend, far from it. Approximately 30 million women in the U. S. are losing hair to some extent or another. The estimates for men facing hair loss are extraordinary. About 67 percent of American men have thinning hair by the age of 35. By the time [...]

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